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For general constipation
relief in children ages 2–12.
Fast, predictable results
typically in 2–15 minutes.

For general constipation relief in children 2-12 years of age. Fast,predictable results in 2-15 minutes.

Parents can count on DocuSol® Kids to provide:

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Fast, predictable results, typically in 2–15 minutes.

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Non-irritating formula.

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Easy rectal usage, soft flexible tip.

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Affordably priced for constipation relief.

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Ease-of-use for both clinicians and parents.

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Rectal therapy for children unwilling to swallow medications.

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How Does it Work?

  • DocuSol® Kids acts as a stool softener.

    By drawing water into the bowel from surrounding body tissues, the docusate sodium prepares the stool to readily mix with watery fluids.
  • Increased stool promotes bowel evacuation.

    When water is added to stool, the increased mass promotes a bowel evacuation by stimulating nerve endings in the bowel lining and initiating peristalsis.
  • DocuSol® Kids provides a natural, replicated bowel movement.

    By softening and loosening the stool, DocuSol® Kids initiates a normal, replicated stimulus. Children are then naturally shifted back to their normal evacuation schedule.

We want to make a difference for them and you.

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What Moms are saying about DocuSol® Kids

Read real life testimonials from real moms with real stories

Childhood constipation is super common, but as a parent it can be frustrating not knowing how to help your child feel better. A big thanks to DocuSol® Kids.

—Rachel L., Busy Mom

I have been reading more and more studies about “gut health” and how so much of how we feel and how we act is related to what is going on inside of our bodies. From the foods that we eat to the liquids that we drink-they all play such a significant role on the rest of our body. Stress is a huge factor in the way that we feel. It can leave us feeling like we have a weight on our shoulders... and for many children, it can leave them with upset tummies or even with childhood constipation. So many of the parents I’ve talked to or worked with have tried purchasing over-the-counter medications that can take hours (or days) to provide relief.

—Becky M. Modern Family

*These products do not help with the pain or the medical problems associated with constipation.

If someone asked me, “What is the most surprising part of being a parent?” I think I would have to respond, “How much time I spend trying to convince my kids to poop.” Seriously! Kids, on principal, do not like to poop and often need a little help moving things along. I think this is especially true when you start potty training. I’m potty training my youngest right now and he keeps doing the “holding it” thing. Since this is an issue all parents will experience eventually, I thought I would share some tips on keeping your kiddos regular and what to do when they aren’t.

—Chandra F. Oh Lovely Day

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