Mother and son celebrating New Year's 2021 at home

Safe & Fun New Year’s Activities for Kids

New Year’s day is fast approaching and this year is a good year to think ahead due to coronavirus and restrictions on gathering in groups. Traditions you may have had in the past, like going to First Night celebrations or hosting a party, just aren’t feasible this year. Fear not, as there are still several…
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The Best Way to Get Your Kids & Their Bowels Moving!

It is time to wiggle and giggle your way into staying active with your kids! How can you do it? By dancing, of course! Kids of all ages love to burn energy through song and dance. It doesn’t take much more than putting on their favorite music to get them on their feet and having…
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father, son and daughter dancing in room

20 Ways to Stay Active with Kids During Coronavirus Quarantine

Many parents are struggling to come up with new ways to keep their kids engaged and entertained during quarantine. Screen time is up across the board and children are more sedentary than usual. They are likely bored, frustrated, and bursting with energy, all while you try to keep up with parenting, working, chores, and everyday…
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Child smiling with here hands in a fist on her cheek

Ways to Help Kids Deal with Common Stressful Situations

Adults have busy, often stressful lives, and we can overlook that our children experience stress and anxiety too. Common stressful situations for kids include starting a new school, being overwhelmed by homework, feeling pressure to succeed in extracurriculars, experiencing trouble in their social circles, changes in routine, and facing challenges at home. To promote healthy…
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two teenage girls walking down the sidewalk wearing backpacks

Back to School Anxiety in the Age of COVID

For some children, going back to school is a stressful time. Children have to transition back into a heavily structured schedule, adjust to being in a new class, and decide which table to sit at for lunch. This year back to school anxiety is likely much higher due to the ramifications of the Coronavirus pandemic.…
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constipation and urinary tract infections

Constipation and Urinary Tract Infections in Kids

It’s heartbreaking when your child is suffering from constipation, but it’s even worse when constipation is accompanied by a urinary tract infection (UTI). Parents want to do everything they can to make their child feel more comfortable, as both UTIs and constipation cause uncomfortable – even painful – symptoms. The Correlation Between Constipation and UTIs…
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Signs that Your Child is Constipated

When your child isn’t feeling well and you can’t figure out exactly why, consider constipation as a possible cause. It may not be the first thing parents think of, but constipation causes a myriad of symptoms that affect a child’s physical and mental health. Sometimes it is obvious that your kid is constipated: straining when…
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overcome worry

How to Help Your Child Overcome Worry

It’s heartbreaking when your child is worried and anxious, no matter what the cause. Kids often worry when presented with situations they haven’t been through before. These days, with the Coronavirus pandemic, we are all feeling more anxiety than normal, and kids aren’t immune to that, either. Kids often lack the language to express how…
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Child Flushing Toilet

Pooping Anxiety and Stool Withholding in Children

Potty training is a big step for both children and parents. The reward of successful potty training is more independence and autonomy for kids and parents, but it can be a stressful journey. In the process of potty training, kids can begin to withhold stool and resist having a bowel movement, even when they are…
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Child sitting on toilet

Potty Training Your Child to Build Healthy Habits

It’s a time all parents long for, and also sort of dread: potty training. Learning to use a toilet is an exciting (and somewhat stressful) time for both parents and kids. The ability to use the ‘big kid’ toilet builds confidence and independence in kids, and parents no longer have the expense of diapers and…
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