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With summer here in full force, that means the days are longer and hotter. And parents are searching for fun and safe summer activities to keep the kids busy and having fun. To ensure your children safe while they’re enjoying the heat and outdoors, here are some tips.

Practice Smart Water Safety

Playing in the water, whether in the pool or backyard sprinklers, is a great way to beat the heat. Be sure that your kids are well aware of water safety rules, including never going into the pool alone. Accidents can happen to older kids too, so have them buddy up for safe summer activities in the water.

Be Aware of the Dangers of Heat Stroke

Heat-related illnesses pose a greater risk for children four or younger, as well as adults 65 or older, according to the CDC. To ensure safe summer activities, make sure your children are dressed in lightweight clothing and stay well hydrated. Always have kids wear sunscreen with at least 15 SPF.

Use Bug Spray

Depending on where you live, bugs can be just annoying or pose a real health risk. When kids are playing outside, use insect repellent to avoid itchy bites. If they are in the woods to play or camp, check them for ticks afterward.

Check Playground Equipment

Playgrounds are great places to spend a lazy afternoon. Just be sure that the equipment is in good working order. And while kids love to jump and hang upside down, stay aware of falling hazards to avoid major injuries.

Pack a Kit for Safe Summer Activities

Hitting the road this summer? Pack an emergency kit for the car. Fill it with bug spray, sunscreen, after-sun care, bandages, anti-itch cream, antibiotic cream or spray, and pain medication. If your child has allergies, remember to keep an Epi-Pen close by as well.

Beware of Holiday Dangers

Around Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day, be cognizant of dangers such as BBQs, excessive sun exposure, and fireworks. Parties are a lot of fun, but accidents can occur in the blink of an eye if you’re not paying attention.

Have Fun!

There are tons of safe summer activities to keep your family busy, including outdoor and indoor fun. You could even check your community for free events that are outside the norm of what you would usually do. An open mind will allow you to try new things and keep the laughter going all summer long.

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