Father and children playing with water balloons
When summer comes around, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be a challenge to compete with kids’ devices. You can get them into the habit of being outside by carving out time daily for outdoor activities. Be creative with your ideas, and before you know it, the kids will be outside more than they’re inside!

Get Out the Sidewalk Chalk

There is so much your kids can do with a small box of sidewalk chalk. From simple art drawings to hopscotch, they’re only limited by their imagination. Consider your driveway and sidewalk to be a big sheet of paper and give the kids freedom to get creative. After all, it will wash away with the next rain.

Build a Fairy House

Even fairies need a nice place to rest their wings. Gather sticks, leaves, flowers, and rocks from the yard and set your children on the task of architecting a fairy house. You can even add indoor items to your outdoor activities, such as rope and craft sticks, to enhance the masterpiece.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

Neighborhoods can be full of various things, especially when you know neighbors who are willing to help. Create a scavenger hunt for household and outdoor items the kids can find. If you have enough children involved, build teams to see who can find everything the fastest.

Ride Bikes

Few outdoor activities can beat riding bikes around the neighborhood. But before they head out, how about decorating their bikes? Streamers, stickers, and flags are perfect decorations for a bike parade. Have you told your kids about putting a playing card in the wheel spokes? Now’s the time!

Have a Picnic

When you’re looking for fun summer outdoor activities as a family, picnics definitely top the list. Let your children help plan the menu and put everything together. Then head to the park or just the backyard to enjoy your feast.

Blow Bubbles

Bubbles are the perfect way to have some fun in the sun. You can usually find bubbles at the dollar store, or you can make your own with water and dish soap (a touch of glycerin makes a huge difference in how long they last). Your summer outdoor activities will go all day when you have the kids make different wands from wire, coat hangers, or pipe cleaners. And younger kids will enjoy chasing the bubbles as well.

Toss Water Balloons

Water balloons are perfect for a hot summer day. Have kids fill them at the hose and then start a game of keeping them in the air or tossing them around. This is a great way to cool down without a pool.

Play with the Dog

Your dog wants to be involved in outdoor activities as much as your kids do. Whether they play in the backyard, swim in the pool, take a walk, or go to the park, dogs are great companions. Both your kids and pets will get the exercise they need.



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