DocuSol® for Kids box

DocuSol® Kids’ is a first-of-its-kind formula. DocuSol® Kids delivers fast, predictable results typically within 2-15 minutes. Some of the benefits of DocuSol® Kids include:

  • Affordably priced for constipation relief
  • Ease of use for both clinicians and parents
  • Non-irritating formula
  • Easy rectal usage with soft, flexible tip
  • Rectal therapy for those children unwilling or unable to swallow medications

Each disposable 5ml single-use tube contains:

  • Docusate Sodium 100mg (stool softener)

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DocuSol® Kids, First of-Its-Kind Formulation

Providing fast constipation relief for children.

DocuSol® Kids’ first-of-its-kind formula was developed for general constipation in children. The small amount of medication—just 5ml—goes in quickly and provides fast relief in just a few, easy steps! DocuSol® Kids is easy to use at home! The mini-enema contains a delivered dose of 100mg docusate sodium in a glycerine and polyethylene glycol base. DocuSol® Kids is designed to provide general constipation relief in children ages 2–12 (with adult supervision).

DocuSol® for Kids products for constipation relief


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