Indoor Summer Fun Ideas
Ah, summer. It’s the time to be outside swimming and riding bikes—right? But sometimes it’s just too hot outside. That’s when you look to bring the summer fun inside. What to do inside, though? Here are some great activities that will keep your kids busy and away from TV and their devices.

Build a Fort

Who doesn’t love building a fort in the summer (or anytime, for that matter)? Grab blankets, pillows, chairs, and flashlights to create a summer fun fort. This is the perfect place to hide, tell stories, or read a quiet book.

Make a No-bake Treat

When it’s too hot to go outside, it’s too hot to turn on the oven. How about a no-bake treat instead? You can whip up some summer fun with homemade popsicles, slushies, gelatin, pudding, or even refrigerator fudge. Tasty goodies are fun for kids to make and eat. Remember the chef’s hat!

Balloon Party!

Whether your balloons are full of helium or good-old human air, they can be super fun. Play a game of keeping the balloons in the air, fill a small room with them to jump on and pop, or grab markers to make silly faces on them. Hours of summer fun!

Make Modeling Dough

Don’t have any store-bought Play-Doh? That’s okay because making it at home is easy, and you probably have everything you need right in your cupboard. From simple snakes to intricate creations, homemade dough is fun for kids of all ages.

Create a Pirate’s Treasure Hunt

If your kids like to dress up, they can up the summer fun with their favorite costume as they seek hidden treasure. Hide treats or goodies around the house and provide hints so your kids can draw a treasure map that leads them straight to the gold.

Craft Up Some Summer Fun

Whether or not you consider yourself to be crafty, inspiration is just a click away on Pinterest. With simple items you have in the house, you can transform ordinary into extraordinary. Every person could do something different, or you could collaborate on a bigger endeavor.

Color the Day Away

Not only is coloring fun, it’s therapeutic. Whether it’s too hot outside or you find yourselves dealing with a rainy day, summer fun can be as bright as you’d like in a coloring book. Or if you have artsy kids, hand them some blank paper and see what they create.

Make a Sensory Table

When one of your senses in limited, the others step up. Put different textured objects in various bowls. Think of dried beans, cornstarch, cotton balls, cold spaghetti noodles, or anything else that comes to mind. Then blindfold your children and have them try to figure out what everything is or describe the items to you.

Host a Living Room Picnic

When you can’t get outside for a park picnic, the living floor can be a great second choice. Indoor summer fun like this includes the picnic prep (and possibly your no-bake treat), as well as finding a blanket and setting up the meal.

Read a Book

While reading can be a solo activity, it doesn’t have to be. Find a book you and your children can read together, each of you taking turns. Or tell a story together by adding to it a bit at a time. This is indoor summer fun that can last half the day!

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